POSTED: April 18 2016 12:41:21. By Phil Hesketh - Flixton Dragons 3-1 Typhoon

I'm really not sure what happened here, we're normally quite efficient at beating teams at a similar level to us. Hopefully it'll be a lesson against complacency for the boys. We started off well but at half time we were only one up. Peter was complaining he hadn't had anything to do! Having said that their one decent effort of the half hit both posts but somehow didn't cross the line. The equaliser was a lesson in concentration as half the team were distracted by the shouts from a goal scored on the adjacent pitch. After that it was end to end exciting stuff but we still couldn't buy a goal despite making decent chances. Of course we had to have an injury, this time it was Sonny taking a nasty (though not malicious) kick in the face.
Anyway, a nice goal for Milonga, Harley produced another strong performance at the back for the man of the match and we're back to Flixton next Saturday.

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