POSTED: March 25 2019 10:39:58. By Richard James - WINTON DEVILS V TORNADOES

Saturday 23rd March, Cranbrook Road, Supplementary Cup, KO 10.30am.

Another close run encounter, with a team from Winton, saw the Tornadoes emerge with a hard won victory.

I for one was certainly relieved to hear the referee's final whistle! Although there were some cracking spells of football from our boys there were other times when we rode our luck.

But for some good defending from Colin and Dylan, along with good goalkeeping from Jack, we could have very easily have lost that game.

Of course, we did create a lot of chances ourselves and should have been out of sight mid way through the second half. But there were also times when we totally lost our shape and focus and had to resort to some desperate defending. If it hadn't have been for the good work of George in midfield, who kept the whole team going, I dread to think what might have happened.

On the positive side, it was good to see Stewart, Josh and Bailey all finding the net. Josh has now reached 30 goals this season and Stewart isn't far behind on 26. It was also great to see Bailey dispatching his penalty with great aplomb!

Sadly Logan, didn't find the net this week but, once again, I'm sure one of his efforts had crossed the line, but ultimately wasn't given!

Martin had a good game too, providing some excellent through balls to the front men and Eddie showed his versatility by filling in well in midfield and in defence.

Overall then, a great result but hard won. However, we must remember to keep our shape and pass and move!

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