POSTED: July 28 2018 17:53:24. By Ben Robinson - End of Season PaintBalling

On Sunday 10th June, in recognition of all their excellent efforts, teamwork and performances throughout the season, all 11 of the Beechfield Hurricanes players headed to Delta Force Paintball in Worsley for an end of season team reward activity.

Instead of shooting for goal as they'd done so many times during the season, the lads spent the day shooting at each other with kids paintball guns. These were allegedly less powerful than normal paintball guns but still left a good number of bruises all over each other?!

All the players had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed their activity. Some of the parents realised how much they were enjoying it and decided to get in on the action. Unfortunately this led to one of the coaches taking a particularly vicious shot to the chest, and another of the parents ended the day with a badly swollen ankle and unable to walk the next day! Maybe the parents will just leave it to the kids next time?!

Everyone was really grateful to Sue, our Team Secretary, who did a great job of planning and organised a fabulous day out for the team, which everyone absolutely loved - THANKS SUE!!

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