POSTED: January 18 2018 11:39:44. By Oscar Courtney - U8 TORNADOES V BURY U8 AMATEURS

Saturday 13th January, Beech Farm, KO 12pm, League.

This, of course, was a total mismatch for which I can only apologise to the players and parents. Richard and I did strongly protest, to the Div Sec, about being put in this division, but our exhortations seemingly fell on deaf ears.

Therefore, with great reluctance and in the face of frustrating intransigence, and or indifference, we've decided to escalate our concerns up to the Beechfield Club Secretary.

In the meantime, our next scheduled fixture isn't until the 27th January.

However, since I originally wrote this piece, the League have been in touch to confirm that Richard and I were right all along. We shouldn't have been promoted and will therefore return to our original division as soon as is practical. Probably in early February.

In the meantime they have asked us to honour our remaining two fixtures, as a gesture of good faith. For which we've agreed.

Richard and I are delighted that we've been vindicated and that common sense has prevailed. Therefore, we'll fulfill the remaining two fixtures, in this division, before returning to our original division.

Thank you for your patience everyone!

Oscar and Richard.

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