POSTED: March 29 2023 17:18:51 By Phil Hesketh - Belter

Typhoon 2 - 0 North Walkden Hawks

Walkden beat us at their pace, were unbeaten this season and top of the league going into this game. They’re still top but the unbeaten tag’s gone.
What a performance! We were at them from the start and making chances. Reece added another brace to his collection, neither was pretty but who cares? If you put pressure on the opposition good things can happen.
The buzz from the boys at half time was excellent, they were so up for it, going through good and bad selves and geeing each other up. I only reminded them that we’d be against the wind in the second half and then they were off again.
Hawks, unsurprisingly, upped their game and started to have a go but we remained resolute. They started to lose their tempers and got ragged and feisty. This helped us as is often the case when teams lose their heads. We could scored more with Will having a decent shout for a penalty and also (I think it was him) hitting the post but we didn’t concede too many chances. Their obligatory chance from a corner was happily headed straight down Peter’s throat and he hung on gleefully. Things got a little tasty, Jamie and an opposition player were booked, and the ref struggled to maintain control but we kept battling on.
There was a fair amount of injury time after a break when Joseph was badly winded but we resolutely kept them at bay and earned the victory with a clean sheet to boot.
Just a really good performance from everyone. Joseph received the man of the match award. Our very own Paul Scholes really showed us what we’ve missed while he’s been out injured. Combative, mobile, good with the ball and he puts his body on the line, too.
The opposition manager graciously conceded we deserved to win and I thought we did too. Well played boys.

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