POSTED: September 07 2021 21:31:55 By Phil Hesketh - That’ll do nicely

Moorside Rangers Blue 3-7 Typhoon

Well I can’t really complain about not scoring too many tonight, can I? Another good runaround on a beautiful Swinton night. Typically Beech Farm, though I suppose that as we were away I should call it Moorside Fields, was overgrown but this possibly helped us. Their strength was in a couple of big, strong runners on the ball with great shots. Their weakness was to balls over the top, which we hit them with again and again, especially in the first half. Jamie and Will ran them ragged. Our defence was comfortable against their attackers, we only looked vulnerable to midfielders breaking through. It was a good lesson for Sonny, Freddie, Reece and Sam, individually they all put in solid performances but sometimes, as a unit, the discipline slipped and gave Moorside too much room to play. They’re not little kids anymore and it’s things like this that will make the difference to a successful or a difficult season. A little note on Sam’s tackling today, he was willing to go toe to toe with players twice his size, it was almost like Joseph was playing!
Full credit to the forwards for weighing in with the goals. Ronan scored, Will netted two and Jamie walked away as MoM with a hat trick. Ryan O couldn’t let them have it all their own way and got his customary goal from a corner.
It’s always nice to beat Moorside, but the important game comes this Saturday as we host them in the league.

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