POSTED: September 07 2021 14:53:01. By Phil Hesketh - Note to self - buy new shooting boots

Barrhill Clubs 2-1 Typhoon

It was a lovely morning for our first friendly of the new season away at Barrhill. The grass was very long but the pitch was pretty flat. This season the boys are up to 40 minutes per half and size 5 balls. With the various lockdowns and the hot day, fitness was an issue and some kids were asking how long left to the ref after only 20 minutes or so of each half.
As far as the game went, it was a good workout and nice to get rid of some rustiness. We were generally the better team but did concede two pretty sloppy goals, one per half. We looked very frail defending corners but other than that pretty solid at the back. We did ok with the ball, though were too eager to just hoof it over the top and let Will chase it. Passing the ball through the lines is a much better use of his abilities. We did that more in the first half but possibly stopped as the boys got more tired. We did carve out a whole load of chances and, it has to be said, we were very, very far from clinical with them. Our shooting left a massive amount to be desired. I know the grass was long and we were rusty, but over and over the boys just snatched at shots or chose the wrong option; shooting when a pullback would have resulted in an almost certain goal.
Will scored one and we had a goal disallowed for offside, possibly incorrectly but it was one of those you get sometimes, you don’t others. At the death we had chance to equalise with a slightly fortuitous penalty, they could certainly argue it was ball to hand, however, in keeping with the standard of our finishing it was more a pass back to the keeper than a concerted effort to score.
We didn’t deserve to lose but it was only a friendly. We were missing a couple of players and Milonga and Igor will give us more options. Unfortunately, we will be without Joseph for several weeks to come due to his badly broken arm. Get well soon Joseph, we need you back fit and raring.
Ryan L was awarded MoM, a solid effort at left back.

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