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Typhoon 2 - 0 Astley Bridge Wanderers

This was a comfortable win, which should have been by more.
The first half performance was probably the best football we’ve seen from the team. The play was composed with accurate measured passing and lots of menace. That we were only two up at halftime was because of some wretched finishing. Peter’s passing after back passes was a huge step up, kept us the ball and demoralised the opposition strikers. The opposition manager mentioned how comfortably Milonga was breaking up attacks and coming out and distributing the ball. This laid the groundwork for those further up the pitch to keep the pressure on and there were some great passes from Sonny, Reece and Jamie.
The goals came from a superb free kick from Sonny and good work from Will, who hounded a defender into under hitting a back pass and then showed huge confidence to round the keeper and slot it into the empty net.
The second half wasn’t as good. Some of the teamwork disappeared as some players went for glory. At times we left ourselves ridiculously exposed at the back as too many went forward searching for a goal. If they’d got a goal back it might have got very anxious. Thankfully, they didn’t but we continued to be anything but clinical in front of goal.
Overall it was a very good day for us but missing all these chances will cause us problems against the better teams.
Man of the match was Jamie, who put in a quite outstanding performance. He was just excellent all game, leading the line and also moving back into midfield. His vision and passing were top quality and his stamina has improved so he could keep it going all game. Really, really good.
To top it all off, we returned to the top of the table. Go Beechy!

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