POSTED: October 11 2021 22:30:42. By Phil Hesketh - … with a bump!

Culcheth Athletic Cobras 7-2 Typhoon

This was one to forget. The pitch was good, the weather fine, we had three subs, so there were no excuses. I thought the boys would give their all to stay top of the table but we sank with barely a shout.
Cobras were a decent team with an outstanding forward but certainly not 5 goals better than us, and it could have been more. Against Lightning the boys dealt so well with their stars and had energy to fight around the pitch. Cobras’ star had a field day and we were turgid and slow. Two down after 10 minutes and all 11 could have been substituted. Igor brought a little spirit when he came on but we were still second best and ended 3 down at the break.
Pete had one of his livelier talks at halftime and we saw an improvement immediately. There was intensity and effort, and when Will netted a fine goal you could see and hear the anxiety in the opposition. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep it up and when they scored again the match was all over. For those 15 minutes we played like we had against Aspull getting the ball down and passing it and created all sorts of problems. The boys’ heads went down and hoofing over the top became the order of the day, easily dealt with by their defence. Their confidence grew and they added more goals. There was a high point, Will leaping like a salmon to head home a corner. We are a very small team, so if Will can give us an aerial threat it would be very welcome.
There weren’t many great performances on the day but Sam just pipped Will for the MoM. He’s been putting solid performances in consistently over the last few weeks and using the ball much better.
We need to dust ourselves off and concentrate on playing how we can. If we do that then we can have a really good season.

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