POSTED: November 24 2021 13:29:50. By Phil Hesketh - Rustiness hopefully

Moorside Blue 4 - 0 Typhoon

Typhoon returned to playing after a month’s hiatus, welcomed back by autumnal sunshine and with Joseph fit at last to play.
Typhoon started well, putting lots of pressure on our local rivals but failing to score. After about quarter of an hour, there was a calamitous mistake at the back and we found ourselves a goal down against the run of play. I’m disappointed to say that heads went down a little and bickering started. We conceded again from a good header from a corner and the team rather imploded. Moorside’s confidence grew as ours disintegrated. Everything we’d warned the boys about at training and before the game was there to be seen. We needed to get back into the game and when Ryan O headed in a cross just before halftime we thought we’d done it. Unfortunately it was ruled offside.
The halftime team talk didn’t galvanise them and we rather whimpered to the end conceding another couple.
It was such a shame, we were so far on top at the beginning it only looked like there’d be one winner and you certainly couldn’t see us taking a thrashing. There were some familiar failings, failing to score with excellent opportunities, sometimes choosing the wrong option between shooting and passing or crossing. Players’ discipline going awry, leaving holes around the park and a lack of shouting and encouragement. We looked very tired by the end, hopefully that was down to not playing for 3 Saturdays.
On the plus side it was great to have Joseph back and Freddie kept up his standards to win MoM. After a bit of a dodgy start Peter came out and dealt with some wicked corners, something that will really help our defence, especially as we aren’t exactly the tallest team in the league.
Next week we will have a bit more stamina and have the opportunity to get back in the groove. We play Moss Bank in the cup. Moss Bank were relegated last year and we put quite a few goals past them. They’ll have more confidence this time round but with a decent display we should be looking for a good win.

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