POSTED: January 15 2022 09:45:26 By Phil Hesketh - Grinder

Culcheth Athletic Cobras 1 - 3 Typhoon

Well this could have been much easier. A very cold morning had seen plenty of games called off due to frozen pitches but ours had a game going on before us. Scorpions showing again why they shouldn’t be in our Section putting Moorside Blue to the sword. They even had two guys from Man City academy running the team but they couldn’t possibly have been placed in Section B or C because they might not have run away with it then.
That game had started to soften the pitch up but it was still good at the start of our game and our extra class really showed up as we created chance after chance and spurned every one of them. Their keeper looked dodgy, always likely to spill the ball, and Will was on fire (finishing excepted) destroying his fullback down the right. The poor lad will be having nightmares about tall fellows with bad hair screaming past him over and over again. At times there were 3 and 4 of them trying to cover him. We finally got on the score sheet when a free kick from Sonny squirmed through the keeper’s hands. Reece followed up and smashed it in, as we’ve told them all to do, but it had already gone over the line. The pitch was small and bobbly but had now also thawed and was turning muddy and very slippery. Peter slipped when dealing with an easy ball but recovered his position and kept his composure to prevent an equaliser, helped out by a great clearance (sorry, not sure who it was by, Joseph I think).
The pitch was now a big leveller with mistakes all over and we conceded a pretty soft one early in the second half. Cobras were getting well up for it and started to look the more likely. Some of their challenges were making me wince, though it was us giving away the fouls! Fair play to Typhoon, they pulled their sleeves up and battled back, Sam was willing to battle with anyone! Pete lost his rag with the ref for not giving us a penalty for a scything challenge but with time nearly up he finally gave us one for a very high foot, nearly taking Ryan O’s nose off. Ryan took the penalty and made a bit of a hash of it, thankfully the keeper could only push it back out and Ryan put us back in front. Cobras had to throw the kitchen sink at us leaving them vulnerable to the break, which we promptly hit them with, Daniel setting up Will to roll it in to cap his MoM performance.

We should have had a very comfortable morning but our profligacy put paid to that. Our play when the pitch was good showed we were easily better than them but you’ve got to take your chances. As the pitch worsened there wasn’t as much between the teams and I feared the same would happen as last year, when we didn’t relish the horrid, freezing weather. However the boys showed a lot of battle and character to grind out the win. A special mention to Reece playing at the back in Milonga’s absence, a little nervous at the start but settled in to some uncompromising defending.

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