POSTED: October 29 2020 21:44:14 By Phil Hesketh - Still not turned the corner

Typhoon 1-3 Adlington Panthers

In many respects this was a similar game to last week’s. The boys are putting the opposition under a lot of pressure but are lacking the composure and quality to make good chances and score more goals. There’s a lack of fitness shown from a couple too, or that could just be a sign of the lack of confidence. Talking to the boys on the bench, they know they should be doing better but, as a team things just aren’t quite clicking.
There are a couple of mitigations, we’ve missed Igor’s pace and trickery during his isolation and also the Milonga shaped hole in the defence. Milonga is having serious trouble with his hamstring, which has seen him miss much of the last two games he’s been available for. Reece has been a good replacement but playing him at the back takes out last season’s top scorer.
As ever there were good individual performances, A goal for Joseph, Ryan O and Cole were outstanding again at the back and Sonny was man of the match just in front of them.
My favourite moment was from Ronan, trapped on the wing with nowhere to go, he rolled his marker and left him for dead. Beautiful skill. Ronan was also the recipient of a late and nasty challenge. I suppose the boys are getting bigger and able to do some damage now. Thankfully he bounced up and could and probably should have had the last laugh, when he had a good chance from the resulting free kick.
The boys need to keep their heads up and keep trying. We just need a bit of confidence and we can match anyone in this league. That will only come with a win I think, which we need sooner rather than later.

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