POSTED: October 24 2020 11:47:49 By Phil Hesketh - New Start

Typhoon 2 - 3 Crompton Whites

Now I thought this was a game we should have won at a canter but I can’t blame the boys too much. We played most of the first period in their half of the pitch but came in two down. What was glaringly obvious was the lack of confidence in much of the boys’ play. The football was a hot potato, which many of them couldn’t get rid of quickly enough. There was very little composure and too often the ball was lumped up the pitch as quickly as possible and the standard of some of the passing was pretty dire. On the sidelines we tried to drill into the subs the importance of taking a touch and to relax a little.
Things started to improve a little but then we conceded again, a belter of a shot that Peter had no chance with. With only a few minutes to go the ball finally broke for us and Jamie opened our League account. This finally woke the boys up and they started to play with a little more belief. Jamie smashed in a second and at last the boys’ tails were up. Unfortunately we ran out of time for the equaliser.
According to their coach, Crompton are a side typically in the top half of this division, so we know some more about the standard we’re up against.
I hope the boys remember the last 10 minutes and start to reproduce that form, as we’ll trouble anyone if we play like that. Hopefully, this was a hangover from our previous three games and we can now go about returning to the form we know we can produce.
Individually, there were some good performances. Probably due to the number of times he’s been forced into them this season, Peter’s turned into a bit of an expert on saving one on ones and kept us in the game.
Cole was excellent at right back and his throw ins are amazing. Ryan O was outstanding again.
Sonny revelled in his role in front of the defence but Sam just pipped him for man of the match. Sam’s been a little hit and miss this season but he was well up for it today and worked really hard, now he has to reproduce that effort all the time.

There are many really simple things to work on, going right back to basics with simple passing. I’m hoping that much of this will improve just with a bit of confidence.
In the end it was just nice to have a competitive game, touch the ball a few times, get the ball into their half and score a few goals. Let's hope we can do even better next week.

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