POSTED: May 14 2021 13:03:23 By Phil Hesketh - More disappointment

Typhoon 1 - 3 Cherrybrook Celtic

Cherrybrook are second in the table but the way we started we were the better team and that’s missing Sonny and Joseph. We went ahead through Igor, I’m pleased to say with a left footed shot and fully deserved the lead.
As the game wore on we lost control of the match until ultimately they were worthy winners, though one of their goals came from a mistake and another from a belter that 9 times out of 10 flies over the bar. You just have to take those on the chin.
There were some worrying aspects to the performance, there were a lot of simple individual errors, the number of times the ball wasn’t controlled or squirmed past a defender was alarming. A couple of recent problems were highlighted again with straight balls over the top causing us far too many problems. The fact that we’re challenged by so many of these shows an issue with the midfield, our midfielders tend to be far too spread out to put pressure on their opponents. We’ve talked about positional discipline and working as a unit but it’s not soaked in yet. As the boys are getting older it’s these sorts of issues that they have to learn and understand, just running around won’t cut it. Up front we sometimes have the opposite problem with three attackers waiting for the ball to come to them and not putting the effort in to help their comrades and affect the game.
Having said that, we knew we’d be likely to struggle in the midfield today with the missing boys and kudos to Jamie who was asked to fill in there. He put in more work than I’ve seen from him in some time to earn the man of the match award.
The ref was terrible today and his lack of control lead to Peter being injured late on after Ryan O had been fouled. Reece stepped up to take the gloves but didn’t have too much to do.
For all our problems we could still outplay the second in the table team at times, we just have to find a way of maintaining the performance levels for the full game.

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