POSTED: June 30 2021 17:10:20 By Phil Hesketh - End of Season

Well Typhoon were riding high with 5 wins out of 6 and I was very hopeful we could make that 6 out of 7 as we came out of mass isolation (8 boys I think) away at Crompton (nee Quebec Park Rangers) but unfortunately the opposition forfeited the game. We lost 3-2 to them in our first game in this league and I wanted to see the difference now we had built up some confidence. I’d like to think we would have battered them. It would have been a nice warm up for our final game, midweek away at high flying Cherrybrook but this one also had to be cancelled due to them having to isolate and we’ve run out of time to rearrange it.
Well, we’ve come 4th or 5th in the table, a creditable position. There were a few teams who were better than us but every game was competitive. The main reason Adlington battered us was that we didn’t play very well that day. Mossbank really suited us, we thrashed them both times but they beat teams we had more trouble with.
P15 W 7 L 8 and whatever the league do with Cherrybrook game. It would have been nice to have more wins than losses and it could have happened. If we’d played Crompton after we had a win under our belts, I think we could have won and also the away game at Culcheth, when we literally froze and grasped defeat from the jaws of victory.
My favourite performances were beating Culcheth with 10 men, nearly getting a draw away at Della straight after Lockdown and the second half comeback to demolish Breightmet Hawks.

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