POSTED: June 05 2021 16:46:12. By Phil Hesketh - Hot and Hard !!!

Typhoon 1-5 De La Salle Hawks

It was a hot and sunny afternoon for the first of our games this weekend.
Hawks were a good team when we played them a bit ago and, if anything, they’d improved and we found it tough going all game. The first half was mainly pressure from them but with us trying to hit them on the break. Will was our main threat, his form in the last few weeks has been excellent and he’s added end product to his energy. He scored with a lovely finish into the top corner after scorching his fullback to equalise an earlier Hawks’ effort. Minutes later he dusted his defender again but put his effort just wide. We were just happy to go into the break level.
We’ve seen how the boys are willing to hold on to the ball and pass it against the lesser teams we’ve played in the last two weeks, but against tougher opposition we disappointingly reverted a little to hoofing the ball away quickly. This just invites pressure back on you.
We had finished the half well and Hawks looked like they were tiring in the heat but we started to look shot in the second half, unfortunately helped by conceding early on. They scored four in the half, although two were rather flukey and another came from a mistake. We still got at them with Will menacing his fullback and Reece was taken down in the area. Now we don’t mind people missing penalties, everyone does it, but what we’ve worked on is following in and getting the rebound, which we categorically failed to do. This had also happened at the other end where Peter had made two saves but no one had got back to clear before the opposition made it third time lucky. This was seriously disappointing and not good enough.
We continue to struggle in midfield, in theory we have three players there but at times today there was just Freddie running himself ragged trying to do the job of 2 or 3.
Overall it was a disappointing result but it was tough work chasing the game in that heat. There were a few mistakes made but hopefully they’ll be learned from before tomorrow’s game against Astley Bridge. Hopefully the boys will have rehydrated and get an early night tonight. Not a bad performance but we know we can do better. Will was man of the match, I hope he continues to improve for the next few weeks.

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