POSTED: April 24 2021 15:52:53. By Phil Hesketh - Tough Day

Adlington Pythons 5 - 0 Typhoon

A harsh score line not really fitting of the game. The first was a handball but some of the others were far too soft for my liking. A bobble off the hard pitch, which could only just take a stud and we’ve two months to go yet, beat Peter for another but sometimes we were our own worst enemy.
We’d asked for a bright start but got the typical early morning slow Typhoon effort and we were lucky to still be in the game after 10. But we played OK, at least individually, but only came together once or twice as a team. There was some lovely play down the right at one point in the first half, with at least Milonga, Cole and Daniel involved where we worked it nicely into an opportunity but too often the passes are hurried and hoofed over the top. Now we have the strikers to chase these but we’re much better when we play it on the deck.
Peter made a fantastic penalty save after the referee had somehow deemed a great Milonga tackle a foul but we couldn’t score at the other end, though we did work their keeper reasonably hard. We do need to score more goals to take the pressure of our defence, not that Ryan O cares, he’s probably still tackling everything in his sleep.
Freddie stepped into Sonny’s shoes and gave his best performance of the season to earn himself the MoM award but they can all be proud of themselves. We just need to find more cohesion as a team. A good note to finish on was a reduction in the amount of internal moaning and complaints, they were much more supportive this week.
Onwards and upwards, let’s get some goals next week.

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