POSTED: September 08 2018 16:09:28 By Wayne Miller - First game of the season

Beechfield thunder v Rossendale Valley Tigers

11am kick off

Boys I was impressed with 80% of today’s game and this is why.

Last weeks heavy defeat may of been playing on your mind but you still started the game with confidence. I put us back to a back 3 and I think it was a success. I thought we kept possession in the first half very well, lots of communication and some delightful play saw us dominate most of the half. I was pleased to see the ball go back as well as forward in order for us to keep possession. Also the attempts to play out from the back was commendable. These things are the difference between average teams and good teams.

On the pattern of play we should really of been a couple of goals up, instead of just 1 at half time.

I thought the new additions to our team(Ronan, Patrick, Max) have done really well and your only going to get better with each game that passes so keep up the good work.

Here is the 20% of what was no too good.

Me and Colin think that sometimes you let yourselves down with set-pieces and anticipation of what may happen and not reading the game a bit better, the latter being the more difficult, but we are at the level where It could play a big part in the outcome of our games.

Overall boys it was a good performance we deserved at least a point.

Dominic Lawton


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