POSTED: November 06 2018 11:11:58. By Wayne Miller - Thunder v Roach Dynamos

Saturday 27th October 2018 11am kick off

Was thunders slow start to the game down to the cold weather, Maybe but we are probably going to have a few more like this and probably earlier too.

Funnily enough we seemed to up the tempo when we went behind. Just by putting more pressure on the ball which caused the mistake. Princes’s goal which put us ahead shows how devastating we can be on the counter attack. But we did not get in those areas enough.

Unfortunately without a full team against a decent side the balance of the team suffered on Saturday

The main problem we need to address is not falling apart in a crazy 10 minutes of football. If the corner was defended properly and a needless penalty not given away again. We don’t lose this game and we possibly win it. At 2-1 the game is in the balance we went from nearly going ahead 3-1 to being 2-2 in the space of 2 minutes and when a team goes 3 goals ahead it’s very difficult to come back. When William got us a goal back to make it 3-5 I was hoping we could possibly salvage a draw. we had a couple of decent chances but were not able to put them away.

We just need that extra bit of belief that we can beat a team of a similar standard to us which most teams that have beaten us recently are.

On a positive note. Apart from set pieces our defence stood up quite well. Jacob, William worked hard all over the pitch trying to win the ball back when we lost possession.

MOTM Konstantin Hristova has really impressed over the last couple of games with his energy and intent on moving and getting the ball forward.


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