POSTED: November 06 2018 11:11:47. By Wayne Miller - Thunder v Whitworth Valley

11.20 kick off
Thunder v whitworth valley

On reflection, Saturdays overall performance was an improvement on the previous week. Despite the shortcomings in the final third we were still in the game until the final whistle blew. Energy levels were good and as a team we coped really well in the central areas and even though whitworth broke through a coupe times we were able to do enough to defend most attacks.

Both keepers were kept busy and probably stole the show on Saturday.

There was more talking and communication than usual and what we worked on in the week was taken into the game. We are not far off from our full potential as a team, but Where we need to improve now is on a technical level. Everyone has room for improvement some more than others and this is something we will be working on in the coming weeks.


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