POSTED: September 07 2019 13:54:12. By Phil Hesketh - And we’re off

Winton Wanderers Gladiators 4-4 Typhoon
A tremendous game to start the season on a high.
Considering we’ve been waiting so long for a game, Typhoon didn’t really get out of the blocks too quickly. Winton were promoted last year, so we knew we’d have a decent shout but if it wasn’t for a penalty save from Peter we’d have conceded three in the first half. Having said all that I thought we were the better side but struggled to put our chances away and were sloppy at times at the back. Sam pulled one back to put us back in the game by half time and I hoped we’d kick on from there. Unfortunately we conceded another poor goal but from then on we started to get our act together. The squad is only 13 strong (if you any decent players who want a change then get in touch) but it was Winton who showed signs of tiring. Goals from Ronan, Joseph and Cole saw us take the lead but unfortunately we couldn’t quite hang on for the win, conceding a late equaliser.
Overall a draw was probably a fair result after our poor start but we made sufficient chances to come away with a win. Poor Jamie continued his luck from last year, hitting a post, bringing the best out of the keeper and putting a few narrowly wide. I’m just hoping that once he gets one a dam will break and more will come flooding. There were debuts from Ryan who at last can offer the team some decent crosses from the left and Will, who was excellent against his old team. Everyone contributed to the performance and result so the whole team was named man of the match. There are harder games to come but if the boys show the spirit to come from behind like today, then we’ll be able to hold our heads high.

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