POSTED: October 19 2019 13:18:47. By Phil Hesketh - Top of the League?

Barrhill Hearts 4 - 5 Typhoon

I was amazed this game went ahead after all the rain in the week but the pitch was fine, although the grass was very long (Salford council strikes again).
We were quickly a goal down from a ridiculous penalty decision. However you feel I must ask the parents NOT to give the ref any grief. I’ll make everyone sit through a Respect session from Paula if you do! We were struggling but a fine individual goal from Ronan pulled us back into it. He out muscled a defender, out paced another and beat the keeper. We started to get back into the match but then conceded a shocking goal from a corner. There must have been 3 or 4 opportunities to clear, which we singularly failed to do. Still Jamie ran at them and was cynically brought down but he stood up and smashed in a fine free kick to equalise again. There were some very cynical fouls throughout from Barrhill, some dirty ones and loads and loads of pushes in the back that the poor referee didn’t punish often enough. At least it looked like we’d be going in on level terms after a pretty awful display but just before the break Hearts scored a decent one.
The boys got a bit of a dressing down at half time, we were playing an U12 side and not making use of our bigger size (not often I’ve said that) and energy.
The second half, whilst not as good as recent games was an improvement, a long ball from Sonny saw Jamie through and he beat the keeper with possibly his worst shot of the season to pull us back level again. He was back through again shortly after but his shot hit the bar, spun up into the air and landed for Reece to tap in after he’d followed up. Well done Reece, personally I love goals like these, it shows the player is switched on and playing the percentages. Jamie found the net again for his hat trick to make it 5 - 3 with only a few minutes to go. We subbed Milo, who was running out of steam, and sure enough Hearts pulled one back to make it a nervy end but we saw it out for the win, which must leave us very close to the top of the table. Enjoy it while it lasts 😃
There were several good individual performances though as a team it didn’t really gel today. Milo, Sonny and Daniel all had to work hard. Will struggled surprisingly at the back but used his pace in devastating fashion when pushed further forward down the wing. He had a good chance to open his Typhoon account but their keeper was up to his effort.
Before the game I told Jamie that with the form he was in that this should be his day playing against younger, smaller opposition. With the exception of his great free kick his first half wasn’t great, we saw the Jamie who shoots from too far out and who shoots when a cross is the best option but he knuckled down in the second half, completed another hat trick and bullied their defence magnificently. Stopped only by fouls he was the difference today and a worthy man of the match.

I’m possibly a little hard on the boys, the conditions weren’t great and although we didn’t produce a great display they did come back to pull it out of the bag and earn the win and keep up our undefeated league run.

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