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Typhoon 1 - 5 Maccabi Wildcats

Each week Pete and I go on about how important it is to be at it straight from the blocks, but this was another appalling start that barely saw us compete in the first half. We lost almost every 50-50 and were second to nearly everything. Somehow we only went in two down, the first a massively sloppy goal and the second a wonder goal that gave Peter no chance.
Pete tore into them at half time demanding the commitment shown by Daniel, throwing himself into challenges, from everyone.
The second half was much better, most of the boys got their heads up and really had a go. We played much of the game in their half of the pitch and put them under real pressure though without making too many chances. Sonny was unlucky with a free kick that went just past the post, Freddie couldn’t convert one and Reece, normally one of our better finishers somehow managed to put a great chance high and wide. The only goal we did score was an OG from an excellent corner. Maccabi did pick us off a few times on the break and we finished 1-5.
If we had managed to put some of the chances away we might have got something out of the game but if you only play for 35 minutes then more often than not you’ll get nothing.
Freddie’s second half performance was what we needed, disciplined, combative and with some lovely passes. Will really got up the nose of his fullback beating him for pace over and over down the right. Ryan was man of the match, showing the effort required, getting back and helping his fullback and then back up the pitch to help the attack.
Hopefully we will have a new recruit next week to help bolster the defence. This will give us an extra sub so there’s no excuse for not putting the effort in whilst on the pitch. If someone isn’t putting the effort in and is letting his teammates down he’ll find himself alongside me on the sidelines.

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