POSTED: December 07 2019 14:10:05. By Phil Hesketh - Tough against the top

Typhoon 2 - 7 Parkwyddn Predators
We expected to lose this game against the top of the table side, what we were looking for was a decent performance. With Joseph unavailable already, Jamie pulled out ill before the match and Freddy, doing a reasonable imitation of a ghost, pulled out during it. Sam took a kick in the first half and struggled for the rest of the game, so it was just as well we had Ryan O’Sullivan making his debut or we would really have been struggling. Actually it was less a debut more a baptism of fire but he acquitted himself well against a tough winger.
This was a little a game of two halves with the boys again needing 35 minutes before starting to play properly but it was a pretty decent display. The boys are starting to have the confidence to play some decent football even when under pressure. One little passage of play was very encouraging. With Will coming out with the ball Cole intelligently made himself available to receive a pass and then set
Will off with a 1-2.
Ryan L and Reece both scored and Ronan got the MoM award for putting a proper stint in. We need this Ronan every week.
The major concern is the amount of arguing going on each time we concede. Sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes the opposition score a good one. When there are deficiencies or people aren’t trying then Pete and I will have a word. The boys need to stop trying to push blame either onto someone or away from themselves and keep on encouraging each other as a team.
Anyway, hopefully next week’s game should be a little easier and we could have Igor available then too.

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