POSTED: April 28 2018 19:54:15. By Wayne Miller - Thunder v Barr Hill Aces

Thunder played top of the league Barr Hill Aces. Who only needed a point to be crowned champions.

Thunder got off to a great start with William Whipday putting a hopeful looping ball in on goal luckily for us the Barr hill keeper miss judged the flight and it went in.

Unfortunately for thunder this was the only bit of luck they were to have in the game as Barr hill scored to level it up in less than a minute after. Quick goals in succession from corners made the score 1-3 and further goals went in before half time.

The second half was much of the same for Barr hill as Beechy struggled to keep the ball.

Beechy scored 3 more goals but they were all cancelled out by Barr Hill who were on a roll and dictating the game from back to front. All in all Barr Hill ended up worthy winners and we must congratulate them on winning the league.

Callum snaith, prince indusuyi, Jacob Lacey also scored for Beechy.

MOTM was awarded to Louie Percival


Boys we have 3 weeks to rectify our shortcomings today. We should of exploited the space better today, we could of scored 3 or 4 more goals at least and we could of stopped a couple of Barr Hills so even if we get them in the final it's not over for us...

lets get on it...

see you tuesday

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