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Typhoon 1-4 De La Salle Hawks
Hawks are a different proposition to when they narrowly beat us earlier in the season. They’ve incorporated much of a division 1 team that folded, in fact they had 15 players in their match squad and another 2 or 3 missing. We, on the other hand, were missing an entire defence in Freddie, Harry and Milo. We’ll be playing this lot in the Supp Cup final in June, so it was interesting to get a look at them.
Daniel and Joseph partnered Sonny at the back in a somewhat makeshift unit.
From the start Hawks pressurised us but the boys were up for the challenge and battled for everything. What was especially pleasing was our willingness to play our football under much more pressure than we’re used to. Ronan put us ahead early on and it gave us something to hold on to. I can’t praise the defenders enough and Peter was on hand behind them when needed but we also carried a great threat going forward. Jamie’s performance in the first half was electric, winning all his 50-50s, pulling the ball down from very difficult angles and feeding Cole down the right to punish their fullback. The two of them worked very well together and we made plenty of chances on the break but crucially couldn’t put one away.
At the other end Daniel was studded all along his thigh as he bravely flung himself in front of everything but Hawks finally managed an equaliser just before the break.
The second half was much the same as the first with the boys showing tremendous resilience and superb attitude. Unfortunately tiredness started to creep in and with it more errors. Hawks scored to get their noses in front but we battled back and made more chances but we have to put them away. Hawks added 2 more and gave the scoreline a somewhat harsh lopsided look. We stayed in this game deep into the second half, played some wonderful stuff and gave them a real scare. It was one of the performances of the season, playing great stuff under loads of pressure. Joseph battled like the Trojan he is alongside Sonny and Daniel was everywhere covering at the back, using his pace and throwing himself in front of everything. Sam continued his fine form alongside Reece and Ronan and Cole put proper shifts in. Charlie couldn’t quite score but man of the match was Jamie, his first half performance was exceptional.
We know we can match them now in the final. What we will have to do is show the same attitude and resilience but put away more of our chances.

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