POSTED: April 13 2019 22:42:54 By Phil Hesketh - Must win cup game

Typhoon 4-0 Barrhill Clubs
We went into this game knowing our destiny was back in our own hands. Salford Lads, who beat us, had lost two games so if we beat Barrhill (who’d won all theirs) and Flixton then we’d finish joint top at worst. We were missing Joseph, Sam and Harry but knew some of their star players had left since the infamous Fergie-time game.
It was bright but surprisingly cold with a stiff wind that we played against in the first half.
We’ve been very flat in recent weeks but I was so pleased to say we were very good today. We started reasonably well but sub Ronan was really champing at the bit to get on and scored with his first touch of the game, a fine finish into the roof of the net. Pete was jeeing up Charlie while he was off and that worked nicely as he beautifully finished a fine move from Sonny and Reece.
Two up at half time with the wind behind us in the second half and even though Barrhill threw a fair amount at us, Peter didn’t have too much to do. Reece and Sonny added further goals and it was only down to an excellent performance from their keeper that it wasn’t more. Poor Jamie being on the end of a couple of really good saves, he just can’t buy a goal at the moment.
All in all it was a really good performance, one of the best of the season. We were comfortable for most of the game. As well as scoring, Ronan but a proper stint in and was unlucky not to add another, putting a fine Sonny pass just round the post. Charlie scored and looked full of confidence, Reece and Freddie were excellent in the middle, Jamie led the line, Daniel and Milonga snuffed out danger, Peter did all that was asked of him but Sonny really shone. He was the anchor at the back with Milo and Daniel working round him and used the ball so well as we broke on them. Add in his goal and it was a superlative man of the match performance.
We now need to beat Flixton and hope Urmston can get a draw or more against Barrhill, so we won’t need a playoff game. I don’t know why we have so much trouble beating Salford Lads.

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