POSTED: June 19 2017 13:10:18 By Wayne Miller - Season Stats 2016-2017

------------------------P W L D
League--------------14 1 11 2
Challenge Cup-----1 0 1 0
Supp Cup-----------3 1 1 1

reiss miller 2
Jake O'Sullivan 10
Jacob Lacey 3
harvey walker 6
Liam Cremins 1
jake Glass 4
Sebastian Higson 1
prince idusuyi 13

This seasons stats are not pretty reading so you can open your eyes now.

Lets be honest it's been a tough season for all involved, loosing a few players early on in the season really hurt the team and in the end it took most of the season to get the balance back.

For the past two seasons I feel we have found ourselves in the wrong divisions 2015-2016 season we were good enough for division 2 and this season we probably should of been in division 3.

There is no doubt the boys have played some nice football in pockets, but they were not able to be consistent the whole 60 minutes of the games to see them through. I really felt for the boys in the games they were leading only to concede a last minute winner.

In the latter part of the season the boys finally started to play better and we turned defeats into draws and finally wins which was positive.

Being the manager I must take responsibility for the teams shortcomings this season but be rest assured I have learnt a great deal this season and I am confident I can get the boys on track and ready for 11 v 11 football next season.

Thank you all for your support


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