POSTED: February 21 2017 23:03:03. By Wayne Miller - Thunder v Barr Hill Hearts

Thunder were at home to Barr Hearts in division 2 and dispite conceding an early goal, Beechy put in a very promising performance considering the number of players missing from the team. Barr Hills lead was kept to just one goal for most of the game as Beechy struggled to create any decent chances as both defences were on top of their game.

Beechy had a chance to equalise with an In-direct free kick in the box, but were unable to take advantage of it. Unfortunately Barr Hill got another 2 in the last 10 miniutes to clinch the victory.

The scoreline did not reflect on what a close game it was.

MOTM was awarded to Taonga Mututa who put in an outstanding performance at centre back.


Keep your heads up boys we have the supplimentry cup in the next few weeks so the season is not over yet.

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