POSTED: September 25 2017 12:39:05. By Phil Hesketh - Here we go

Well we're off! What was always going to be a tough game against Barr Hill Clubs (they put double figures past us recently) got harder conceding a calamitous early goal. The boys didn't let that put them off their stride and gave it a really good go. There were chances at both ends and we appeared have been rewarded with a fine Sam Henderson finish but it was ruled offside. Shortly after and just before half time we conceded again and the game pretty much finished as a contest.
The boys tired in the second half, probably more mentally than physically. We lost our shape and discipline and conceded several more goals. Several of these were eminently avoidable, which had Pete pulling his hair out.
We will be working on maintaining the elements we do well, whilst trying to cut out some of the problems.
With nine-a-side tactics and discipline are becoming more necessary and we have to get the boys all thinking all the time. There's more work rate needed too, when we have subs I expect the midfielders to put a mighty shift in and track back as well as get forward. Only man of the match Joseph can really claim he did that this Saturday.
So there are things to work on but I don't think we're in too bad shape. There'll be easier games than this.

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