POSTED: October 07 2017 17:57:41 By Phil Hesketh - It's going to cost someone a lot of money

Typhoon 19 (nineteen) - 0 Cadishead Town
Poor Cadishead, stuffed by the League into a division far beyond their ability. I'm pleased to say that after this "match" they've been dropped to the bottom tier where they have a chance of a competitive match. Their manager's a really nice guy and I wish them well.
From the off Charlie and Cole tore into them and Harley bagged his first for a season and a bit I think. He'd go on to net a hattrick along with Cole and man of the match Charlie. Harry got his celebration out again and even Peter scored, playing out in the second half. Thanks to Milo and Freddie for having a go in nets. Milo was almost beaten with the ball rebounding off the bar and to safety.
One thing we'll have to watch is offside with the boys pouring forward without looking along the line. At least they gained the confidence to take those extra few steps before shooting to improve their chances of scoring.
I've been on the wrong end of some of these games, so this was definitely better than that. It will only get harder.

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