POSTED: March 26 2018 13:50:23. By Phil Hesketh - Derby Day

Typhoon 2-1 Lightning
Confidence is such an important factor at pretty much every level in sport. A few months ago I felt that with a bit of luck we could overturn Storm, coming into this game it was a whole different kettle of fish. We’ve struggled recently whilst Lightning have been on fire. We knew they’d be up for it and tried to instil into the boys we needed a good start. Sure enough Lightning came out of the blocks like, well, lightning, whereas we didn’t. Overrun and losing every 50:50 challenge we needed a decent save from Peter to only concede one in the onslaught.
We changed things a little at the back to get the ever resilient Milo up against their main threat, then further bolstered the back with Jamie. Going into half time the boys had pretty much steadied the ship.
After a few words I thought the boys’ attitude improved, helped along by a quick equaliser. Charlie got on the end of a ball from Harley and finished beautifully. As Lightning panicked a little, Ronan couldn’t convert a couple of chances to put us in control.
After this match could have gone either way, though I thought we were the more dominant outfit. Daniel was a perfect example of our improvement, in the first half he pulled out of most every challenge but in the second he was putting the extra effort in and causing them a lot of trouble down the right.
With penalties looming Freddie broke away and clipped the ball into the corner to wild celebrations from our assistant manager. With only moments left Joseph looked to break through but was cleaned out by his opposite number. His was another excellent performance full of work and skill and deserving of the man of the match award.
Charlie put an excellent shift in up front along with the heroes at the back.
Overall, a lot of credit to the boys for grinding out a win against dogged opposition. We need to start showing the same fire as Lightning and hopefully this confidence building win will be the start of it.
Well played Lightning, if you’d capitalised on your start it could have been a very different outcome but Peter’s not too easy to beat.

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