POSTED: February 19 2018 12:44:45. By Phil Hesketh - Mud, glorious mud

Typhoon 0-5 Swinton Tigers
Another heavy defeat for the boys and to be honest we were second best for most of the game, though Tigers are a good team with some very good players. Credit to Braveheart in nets and Jamie, Freddy and Harley in front of him for keeping the score down.
Individually I thought most of the boys played OK but we didn't function very well as a team. Much of the good stuff would be winning an individual battle followed by getting rid of the ball, there was little of the boys supporting and passing amongst themselves. Too often we see Typhoon reacting to a situation instead of being proactive and either snuffing something out or creating an opportunity. Jamie was exempt from this criticism, he read much of what was going on at the back and was well worthy of his man of the match award. I'd appreciate it if you could point out what's going on if you're watching professional games with your son, even on the telly, so they get an idea of what they're supposed to be doing.
However there are still basics to be worked on. people's roles either defending or attacking at corners or goal kicks and always passing. Passing, passing and more passing.
This is a good bunch and they mustn't get disheartened by the last couple of results.

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