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De La Salle Reds 3-2 Typhoon
After grinding out the win over Lightning I was hoping the boys would rediscover their confidence and start playing as well as we know they can. De La Salle could only muster 7 players (they only have 9 players registered but the FA won't let them register any more at this time in the season 🙄), so despite being short ourselves due to holidays we still had a couple of subs.
We started well, Sam scored early on and we were all over them. Unfortunately they equalised and despite us still making loads of chances we gave away two soft goals and astonishingly and much against the run of play found ourselves 3-1 down at the break. One of these was down to a complete lack of concentration allowing one throw in to bypass our entire defence and another with two of our defenders rushing away from the ball to cover the line instead of making a challenge. This was particularly galling as we'd discussed it on Tuesday.
Anyway, we set off looking for the equaliser and Sam scored again. He did put the ball in the net a third time but it was rightly cancelled for offside. We again had more of the play but needed Freddie and Peter to be sharp at the back not to concede more when they tried to hit us on the break.
Ultimately we couldn't manage to put the ball in the net enough times to take it to penalties let alone get the win we deserved. The boys' decision making was poor too often, taking shots when simple passes would lead to tap ins, or shooting from range when a few more steps would make all the difference.
All in all a very disappointing and hugely frustrating result. I hope it won't be disastrous for our cup chances as I can't see them winning all the rest of their games but it has made things harder for us.
There were many pluses, the defending was solid when the boys were actually concentrating and we did make loads of chances when we passed the ball. The defenders are still hoofing the ball instead of passing it out but we will continue to try and get a change in approach.
The team voted Sam as man of the match for his brace, just a shame he couldn't get his hat trick.

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