POSTED: May 22 2017 12:42:08. By Phil Hesketh - Typhoon 4 v 3 Prestwich Tigers

Ooooooohhh that's a big pitch, isn't it?
Well the team's first efforts at 9-a-side were quite revealing. There's a lot of room out there and when we used it, especially down the flanks, we created a bucketful of chances. This will also make it harder for us to stop opposition star players, so that's something for us to work on. We only used the smaller nets as well, the bigger nets next year will need to see Peter diving swanlike from side to side too. We will need to compress the pitch a little too, we were back to last season's problem with a gaping hole between the defence and the midfield at times. Fitness is something we will have to work on, we're fortunate many of the players have pretty high levels of stamina, Freddie covered most of the pitch and the whippet brigade of Cole, Daniel and Joseph were OK but I had a close range view of Jamie hitting the proverbial wall! I take it they all slept well on Saturday night! A few additions to the squad will also help.
As to the game we played very well. Cole added another brace and Jamie and Joseph also scored. We were almost always on top and deserved the win. I gave the Man of the Match award to Harry for what I thought was his best performance of the season. The extra room allowed him to use his strength and pace to win about every tussle he was in but it was his appreciation of where to be that was the most promising.

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