POSTED: December 01 2015 12:42:23. By Phil Hesketh - Nice to play again

Typhoon enjoyed a break in the weather and managed a game for the first time in three weeks. Away from the mud of Beech Farm, Typhoon played Moorside Rangers Blue on the Astro at Moorside High School. Leading fairly comfortably through goals from man of the Match Ronan and Daniel, Typhoon had their customary sleepy spell and went in all square at the break.
Jamie added an opportunistic goal after the break but Moorside levelled again. The final goal for Typhoon was a cracker from Sonny, collecting the ball with his back to goal he turned and smacked it left-footed into the corner.
It was a pretty even game and Moorside Blue remain a possibility for further friendlies as the rain continues to fall.

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