POSTED: May 23 2016 09:43:46. By Phil Hesketh - Typhoon 3-4 Maccabi Phoenix

Well you would have thought the boys would have woken up by a 1pm kick off, wouldn't you?
There's not too much good to be said of the first half, awful defending as a team, little effort and what was left of the beautiful morning weather disappearing. Jamie scored and we should have had more but we could easily have let in more than the four we did.
At least the driving rain seemed to wake them up and the second half was miles better. Sonny scored two and his link up play with Jamie was excellent at times. Freddie stopped almost everything at the back and we put Maccabi under intense pressure going for the equaliser. I lost count of the number of crosses that came in from Daniel, Harry (great run, the length of the pitch 👍🏽) and Milonga but we couldn't force the ball over the line. Some pretty impressive misses in there!
At least pride was regained. Man of the match went to Sonny. When we play with intensity we're the match of most but we seem to have to go behind to kick us into gear. The yawning cavern between the defenders and the rest still needs work, too! Still, great second half performance boys, well done.

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