POSTED: May 09 2016 12:50:30. By Phil Hesketh - Deans Sports 3 - 4 Typhoon

Back to winning ways and what a way to do it!
things started brightly enough with Milonga scoring and with the team playing some good stuff but somehow it all rather unravelled and it was Peter once more to the fore. Another exceptional goalkeeping display kept the score at 3-2 (another goal for Milonga) with only a few minutes left. I'm not sure what triggered it but the team suddenly started to play at a higher intensity. Jamie got an equaliser and then the team went super-charged! All the boys wanted the ball, there was lots of calling and encouragement, exactly what we've been asking for and when Jamie crashed in a free kick into the top corner it was a great turnaround.
Harley is becoming one of those guys you hear MoTD commentators lament you don't get anymore, one who likes tackling and defending.
Man of the match was Jamie, involved in all the goals and you can't do much better than a last minute winner.
well done boys.

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