POSTED: March 15 2016 12:52:29. By Phil Hesketh - Schmeichel Returns

Ladybridge Pumas 3-3 Typhoon

Well if playing with only seven was a struggle last time, it was only going to be harder with only 6, as an illness-ravaged Typhoon went up to their second home in Lostock.
We started really strongly with Jamie belting in a cracker. His performance on the day was full of pace and skill and he was a constant source of danger for Pumas. Ronan added a second and things were looking good but Pumas scored either side of the interval to level it up. Freddie scored from the spot after a foul on Ronan but as legs tired Pumas were more and more dangerous. Cometh the hour, cometh Peter. He'd already made a few good saves but he excelled towards the end with some very brave challenges and a magnificent stop low to his right and he was well worth his man of the match accolade.
The team played really well and considering the opposition had sufficient numbers to change their entire outfield once a half it was a tremendous effort. Freddie took a couple of blows and Joseph got a dead leg but they still battled on. Well done boys!

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