POSTED: June 23 2016 12:52:22. By Phil Hesketh - Season Statistics

Thanks everyone for an enjoyable season. Unsurprisingly for a new side we were good in bits , not so great in others.
Overall P24 W9 D4 L11 which pretty much sums it up.

Just one ever present, well done to Freddie, especially as he's always complaining about being injured!

Freddie Latham P24 Gls 2
Sonny O'Brien P22 top scoring on 21 goals
Daniel Hesketh P21 Gls 3
Joseph Bothamley P20 Gls 3
Peter Ellis P20 Gls 1 (you won't forget the celebration in a hurry)
Jamie Withington P20 Gls 15
Harley Bentley P18 Gls 1
Ronan Mullen P18 Gls 9
Milonga Mututa P17 Gls 9
Harry Davies P16 Gls 0

Next season we'll have to look at improving the passing and closing the gaping hole between the attack and defence.

Many thanks to Pete, especially in my absentee period, without him the team wouldn't function and certainly wouldn't have chocolate biscuits at half time.
Thanks to all the parents for your support a training and during the matches and finally thanks to our mascot of the year, Alfie.

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