POSTED: April 25 2016 13:04:44. By Phil Hesketh - Sunday Bl**dy Sunday

Flixton Cougars 4 - 2 Beechy Typhoon

Well consecutive defeats at Flixton, though that's somewhat harsh. Some of the football played by the boys was excellent, slicing through their defence almost at will but that ball just would not go in. It has to be said some of the finishing was not the best we've seen from them. With only a few minutes to go we were 4-0 down with some heads going as well. Thankfully Sonny delivered another cracking free kick and Jamie added another before the end to give the scoreline a more realistic look. We could easily have taken something from the game with a little more composure, same as the week before.
Again all the lads played pretty well, though as a team the gap between the defence and attack was a little stretched as they tired. Well done to Joseph for his man of the match performance, being willing to take the opposition on with his pace as well as working up and down the field. Daniel had more of an impact overlapping Sonny down the right, too. As ever Peter made a few cracking saves, otherwise the result would have been even more misleading. It'll be interesting to see how much of a difference having two or three subs has in the forthcoming games.

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