POSTED: April 11 2016 12:47:56. By Phil Hesketh - Stretford Vics 8-3 Typhoon

This was a toughie. Once again numbers were reduced due to illness and holidays, leaving us with no subs on a heavy pitch. This team does have spirit and never gave up and are showing signs of improving football, no more so than Ronan's and our first goal coming after good passing from Sonny and Daniel. Heads went down a little after Peter the Brave went off injured again, though I'm pleased to say his wrist is only bruised this time. we all feared the worst. Hopefully he'll be back playing soon. But with Daniel filling in between the sticks the team put another gutsy performance in. Ronan and Sonny both scored with Sonny putting in a superb performance to win Man of the Match. Fouled umpteen times on the day he ran and ran and threw in some great passes too. When he finally took his turn in nets he was shaking from the exertion.
We've played very well against difficult sides recebntly, I'm hoping that we can really exert some decent football onto a lesser team in the near future.
Well played boys.

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