POSTED: September 25 2017 09:05:54. By Oscar Courtney - U8 TORNADOES V STRETFORD VIC U8 ATHLETIC

Saturday 23rd September, Beech Farm, KO 11am.

It's never very clear or transparent how the divisions are sorted in the SDFL. However, judging by the calibre of opposition faced by the Tornadoes on this opening day, I'd wager that we've been moved up a division from last season.

With this context in mind, therefore, it's a testament to the boys progress that they matched Stretford in the first half. In fact I think it would be fair to say that we were unlucky, to come in at half time and not be a goal in front, after Dylan had clipped the post with a well placed shot.

Having said that, I feel that the intensity of the opposition play got the better of the boys in the second period. Desperate to get something out of the game, after we'd gone a goal down, the Tornadoes started to lose their shape as they grouped together to chase the ball.

Of course I can't fault the boys' passion and desire to compete but up against superior opposition it was always going to be a struggle.

Credit then to Stretford who moved the ball and passed to each other superbly. But equally a massive amount to credit to our boys too who competed superbly.

Overall then, a decent showing but we need to take heed of how tactically disciplined the opposition were and try to reach those standards ourselves.

All the boys acquitted themselves well, but MOTM had to go to Oliver Wood. The reasons being two fold. First: during the game, Oliver pulled off some spectacular saves. In fact, at the end of the match the Stretford manager complimented me on Oliver's performance.
Second: At the end of the game, a parent, from Stretford, came up to Richard and I and said that he was extremely impressed with Oliver's sportsmanship and honesty. Apparently the ball had gone out of play, over the dead ball line, with the referee adjudging it to be a goal kick. However, Oliver told the ref, that he (Oliver) had got the last touch and that it should have been a corner to Stretford.
As the decision had already been made, and the teams were in position, the ref elected to continue the match, with a goal kick to restart.
Well done Oliver and well done boys on a decent display!

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