POSTED: October 19 2017 12:31:17. By Oscar Courtney - U8 TORNADOES V STRETFORD VIC U8 ALBION

Saturday 14th October, Beech Farm, KO 12pm, League.

Having only played this team two weeks previously, at Highfield, the opening 5 minutes bore an uncanny resemblance to what went on before.

Albion had the bulk of the possession, moved the ball really well and troubled Oliver several times. The only difference being, that this time, they found the net.

Thankfully for us, that was the cue for the boys to start and get in to a bit of rhythm and for the remainder of the game I'd say we were more than comfortable.

We dominated in midfield, took the game to the Albion and created a load of chances. Although we didn't score as many this time, I'd say it was a very comfortable victory.

But what pleased me more than anything was that the boys really tried their best to pass the ball around to team mates. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't like watching Barcelona and sometimes passes weren't being played at all. They are only 7-8 year olds and they won't always make the right decisions. But, there was a marked improvement in terms of passing awareness. That is, that it's sometimes the best option to pass, but other times it's better to travel with the ball and then pass, or have a shot at goal.

Learning to play the game properly, at this age group, is so much more important than winning games by cricket scores. What Richard and I are trying to instill in the boys is the ability to make good decisions when they're on the ball.

On the score sheet for the Tornadoes were Daire Cox, Jack McMinn and a brace for Alfie Lacey.

MOTM though went Flinn Rogers. The reasons being that he made a fantastic run down the right flank and rather than trying to score himself he saw that Dylan and Jack were both running in to the penalty area unmarked. Flinn played a perfectly weighted pass to Dylan, who controlled the ball and gave it to Jack, who slotted it home. A lovely, well worked team goal! Then, later on in the game, Flinn was brought down for a penalty. Yet he bravely got up and took it. And although he missed he carried on with his game and kept playing until the end.

Well done boys, a great all-round team effort.

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