POSTED: January 29 2018 10:12:23. By Oscar Courtney - U8 TORNADOES V URMSTON U8 STORM

Saturday 27th January 2018, Beech Farm, KO 12pm, Challenge Cup.

On a thoroughly miserable afternoon, on a bog of a pitch, the U8 Tornadoes finally fulfilled their last Challenge Cup fixture for this season.

Although both teams were already out of the cup, and with effectively nothing riding on this game, it was good to get some playing time against opponents who are on our level.

In fact we'd never actually beaten Urmston Storm in our previous encounters. We'd only ever lost narrowly, or scraped a draw in a pre-season friendly.

Therefore, it was very satisfying to finally register a victory at last, in a competitive fixture.

The secret to this success was ultimately due to the start that we had. And what a barnstormer it was. With Dylan and Alfie starting off in defence and holding their positions well, this allowed Stewart and Flinn to work their magic.

Stewart was magnificent as he romped in three goals, all ably assisted by clever play from Flinn.

That start meant that Urmston had the proverbial mountain to climb.

With Daire and George also interchanging with Dylan and Alfie, plus players swapping positions, it meant that the Tornadoes only needed to keep their shape and take their chances when they came along.

Although Urmston did find the net on a few occasions the Tornadoes also did too, with Stewart adding two more and Alfie registering as well, to give the boys a well deserved victory.

Whether Urmston had an slightly off day, or our stay in the top division has improved us, or they couldn't cope with Stewart's power, I really don't know. However, whatever the reason, it was very gratifying to see the boys do a thoroughly professional job!

Oliver was his usual superb self. Dylan defended stoutly and passed intelligently. George was a powerhouse and defended brilliantly too. Stewart was mesmeric, Alfie full of beans and very skilfull in the conditions. Daire was cool and composed as ever and very intelligent in his movement. However, despite Stewart's Five Star Show, MOTM had to go to Flinn. He was unselfish, always thinking of the team and playing the ball to team mates in great positions, in fact he must have set up at least four of our goals!
Well done everyone,

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