POSTED: February 05 2018 09:26:49. By Oscar Courtney - U8 AFC MONTON LIONS V U8 TORNADOES

Saturday 3rd February, Salford Sports Village, KO 10.30am, League.

Once again AFC Monton Lions provided the opposition, this time in a proper league encounter. And hopefully this will be the last time we'll face them this season!

We were of course, outclassed and well beaten. However, in the first half of the second half, we were excellent as we had a right go.

All credit then to the boys for showing some fight and determination to register two goals, both courtesy of Stewart and his trademark marauding runs.

Being realistic about this match, it was highly unlikely that we'd win it but I was encouraged by that 10 minute spell at the start of the second period.

Despite that feeling of encouragement though, as I did explain to the boys post match, I did feel slightly disappointed too, as I left feeling that we could have shown a bit more in the entirety of the contest.
I suppose what frustrated more than anything was drills done in training, instructions given in training, not being applied in game situations.

Still, perspective is needed and in the heat of battle, when the pressure is on, it's hardly surprising that 7-8 year old boys are going to remember exact instructions.

Overall then, another game in the top flight ticked off and hopefully some lessons learned.

All the boys had good moments in the match, particularly Oliver, who was inspired. However, MOTM went to George Wadeson for a great, determined display.


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