POSTED: May 22 2017 10:39:57. By Oscar Courtney - U7 MOORSIDE BLUE V U7 TORNADOES

Wednesday 17th May, Moorside Farm, KO 6.30pm, Friendly

This was a big test for the boys, coming up against a crack division one outfit. Although we lost, I felt that we played very well and didn't look outclassed at all!

What pleased me in particular was the hard work that the boys put in. What Richard and I have noticed this season is; the higher the standard of opposition the better the boys play, in terms of effort and physical application. There was an intensity and high level of concentration to Moorside Blue's play and our lads responded to that challenge and met it head on.

Sadly for us though, it's hard to withstand that level of onslaught for a full 40 minutes and that's where matches are invariably decided. Look at the number of games where we've run out as comfortable winners. It's only really been in the last 10 minutes of those games that we've actually pulled away.

Getting back to this game though, as already stated, it was intense and demanding on the boys, but they responded well. Whilst we could have passed the ball a bit better, as shown against Swinton Sharks, the display overall was extremely promising. Everybody did their bit, the defence, midfield and attack were all disciplined and all put in the effort.

Jack and Alfie both found the net - Alfie with a clinical penalty after Dylan was fouled in the area and Jack with a sublime nutmeg of the Moorside 'keeper. However, MOTM had to go to Daire for another composed and intelligent display of football.


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