POSTED: December 06 2017 12:01:31. By Oscar Courtney - U13 TORNADOES V FLIXTON JUNIOR HAWKS

Saturday 2nd December, Duchy Playing Fields, KO 10am, League.

Writing this match report is so difficult for me. For the 35 minutes of the first half, we were terrific. We matched Flixton every step of the way.

How we came in at half time, a goal in arrears, is beyond me. By my reckoning we should have been 4 - 0 up. Ronan's profligacy, due to a lack of a left foot and Alan's uncharacteristic miss seemed to cost us dearly in the second half.

You chuck in the Referee's scandalous decisions, the fact that we started to lose belief, coupled with changing formation to chase the game.... And it all added up to a perfect storm!

There's no way that we deserved to lose by that scoreline. If we'd taken our first half chances, it's very different game. But the fact is that we didn't and we paid a very heavy price for that.

If it's any consolation to anyone, a couple of the Flixton parents were very complimentary to me about our first half display. They thought that we played some great football and that the scoreline was not a fair reflection on the match.

So, we regroup and set ourselves to face Maccabi in our next fixture.

Final score:
Tornadoes 0 - 8 Flixton Junior Hawks.

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