POSTED: March 17 2018 18:57:46. By Wayne Miller - Deans Tigers v Thunder U13

Deans tigers u13 v Beechfield Thunder u13

10.45 kick

My match reports are usually short and sweet but watching the boys today has compelled me to write a somewhat longer report than usual.

How the team stands at the moment.

All i ask of the boys is they turn up for training and games on a regular basis and to give 100% effort. I have a group of 13 lads who do just that.

To me, the teams performance is more important than the result. We all know football can be cruel and you sometimes do get the results that you deserve i can say both times this season when playing the deans we did not get what we deserved.

Due to circumstances out of my control I have had to change the system and swap a couple of players out of their normal positions. luckly for us we have had a bit of time to bed players into their new roles and we are now reaping the rewards.

todays game.

I was very pleased in the manor we started the game we slowly got more an more into the game and midway though the first half the deans were getting frustrated as they probably thought they would be a few goals up.

The first goal was a gift due to a bit of miss communication and we all know how difficult it was playing in what at times was artic conditions. I was pleased that heads did not drop and we just carried on playing very well.

The spine of our team Jake, Dominic, Louie, kept a very disciplined line and caught the deans offside countless times. Sebastian and William are playing the new wingback positions very well and they did not give deans wide players much space out wide. Louie who has been immense the last few games with his strong tackling and playing the team out of danger on numerous occasions.

James has been working very hard in training and put in some good blocks and also started a few attacks and is growing in confidence with each game. Konstantin who played centrally today and who has again popped up with another goal to his tally has shown he has an eye for goal.

Callum has gradually grown into his role on the left and caused deans problems with his pace and energy.

Jacob put in a strong performance today with his well timed tackles and impressive set pieces which set us up with the second goal.

Captain, Ishor has been organising the boys well and consistently performs week in week out. Harvey did well on the right of the back three when Jake went off injured.

back to todays game….

Thunder started the second half very strong pressing high up the pitch which left a bit of space for deans to capitalise on and they got a second.

Prince the driving force along with William Whipday caused the deans the most problems and on another day William could of ended up with hat trick, he did however set Prince Idususyi up with thunders’s first goal which he calmly took round the keeper to bring the score to 2-1.

Against the run of play deans got number 3 but thunder hit back not long after to take it to 3-2 via Konstantin Hristova.

Deans defended very well for the final 4 minutes as thunder battled to get an equaliser. In the dying seconds thunder were caught short at the back and deans ended any chance of us getting anything out of the game.


A Team MOTM was awarded for the effort and courage shown to try and get something out of the game.

Im very proud to say that your my team.

good effort boys.

lets have the same again next week.

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