POSTED: September 22 2018 16:11:37. By Phil Hesketh - Confidence is a funny thing

Typhoon 0-4 Winton Yellows
If you’d only seen the first ten or fifteen minutes of this game you’d never believe this scoreline. Typhoon shot out of the blocks and almost scored with their first attack after some lovely football involving half the team. Winton are one of the weakest teams we’ll play and we were all over them like a rash making and most importantly missing a stack of chances. Our confidence was up, theirs looked fragile but unfortunately we let them back in the match and conceded two. One was a belting shot but no one pressured him. At least if we’d only gone in two down at half time we could try and turn things around but a calamitous third went in seconds before the break.
We had a chat with the boys and they started off well in the second half but once again couldn’t score. Their keeper made quite a few saves during the game but too often we out our chances wide. Our confidence drained, theirs was up, without subs some of the boys started to tire badly and, I’m afraid to say, heads went down. It didn’t help that Sam could barely move now with a hamstring pull after he’d been very good in the first half. Winton missed a stack of chances of their own assisted by some dodgy offside decisions as we wilted. Finally they scored a fourth to put a really lopsided view on it.
The boys didn’t deserve that but if you don’t put your chances away these things can happen. If we’d scored first I think we might have won by a similar margin. There were still some good performances, Cole was MoM after destroying his fullback numerous times all game but without anyone converting his crosses. Joseph and Daniel worked tirelessly and Milo battled throughout with their centre forward. We’ll just have to take this on the chin and work on finishing on Tuesday.

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